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Network Marketing Software – Is it Useful? Reviews

If you have been in network marketing and are serious about what you are doing, you probably have bought or thought about buying software.Lucky for me I knew many place where I could get different types of software and get it for free. Then you have thousands of people buying this and that, don’t know how to use it then shoot themselves in the foot with it and maybe stumble upon it a couple months later. Much of it is just crap to begin with. It might work but it doesn’t bring you any results in terms of business growth.Soft software is very complicated and can take several weeks or even longer to learn, let alone master it. If its a monthly fee associated with it, well you can develop a very negative view of things if you don’t figure it out quick.Some examples of software might be* Social Network Friend Adder
* Some Keyword Research Tool
* An automated poster for ads, comments, spam basically
* Maybe something that will automatically post backlinks for your siteSome of these things can be good and there are plenty more with a million versions of each wanting you to buy what they have because its better than everything else.Its your next money maker!!! I was using this one piece of software that I had access to free and many people were paying 150$ a month for. It was a very good tool I had in my belt and it took me a long time to figure out how to use it properly. I was glad I wasn’t paying for it but at the same time felt dishonest. There forums were blowing up with people throwing questions, complaints, stories, ideas etc on how to use it best. Every once in a while you read a story about someone who was making it big and put the puzzle together just right. He then made an eBook and sold it for 50$ to thousands of people. Opportunities can stem from anywhere in this business.The bad thing about software could be besides the monthly fees, if any, time to learn and the projection it creates among people. A projection that says “Yes!! I just bought this cool piece of whatever!! Now I am going to make bank!!” And before you know it the guy shoots himself in the foot and is done with it.Bottom line is do your research and find reviews before you buy anything. Ask yourself-Do I really need this? Can I invest my money into something else that might be more useful. You might get all excited about something from being hyped up to find out you are being impulsive and looking for shoebox full of cash.